Traffic Ticket…


At 5:23 pm today, I  was pulled over near my home by a motorcycle Sheriff by the name of A. Ramirez.  On most days,  I spot motorcycle sheriffs in this spot (intersection of Del Obispo and Camino Del Avion, hiding at Dana Mesa street) waiting to pull some over or see them in the act of having someone pulled over.  So today, as I approached this area (as the light was turning red), the car in front of me slowed down abruptly at the Dana Mesa Street which forced me to change lanes fairly quickly.  That is when I noticed the deputy with lights on!  Initially I thought he was pulling that car over, but when he came behind me, I was confused.  I thought did I violate some rule by moving over without giving a signal?

Once the light turned green, I crossed the intersection, and pulled over.  Right from the beginning he was aggressive, didn’t respond to my greeting or took off his mirrored sunglasses (even though I took mine off out of respect to authority).  He told me did I realize I was going fast? and that he clocked me 55mph in a 40mph zone and he did so by seeing how fast I came up on the car ahead of me.  I was quite perplexed as I had a very slow commute home, not only it was the office rush hour, but I encountered  multiple red lights, closed train crossing, waving candidates (who hoped to be elected during the upcoming elections), etc, all slowing traffic plus this area was also a school zone!  I told him that he must be mistaken, I wasn’t going fast.  He continued to ask me in a taunting tone”why were you going fast?” I told him yet again that I wan’t going fast.  However he continued with the same line of questioning, I told him that I wasn’t going fast but if he thinks I was, I apologize for that. It felt everything fell to deaf ears but he remained persistent.  Having no experience with law enforcement before, I didn’t know what answer he was seeking.  Also, I started questioning myself, if my disease or treatment was causing some lapses!  I told him that I had and was being treated for 4th stage metastic cancer, and it appears that this information is what he needed to continue with is taunts.  He lectured me on if I was taking medications or treatment that has me dizzy, then I should have been pulling over and not speeding!  Also, when he asked for drivers license, car registration and proof of insurance information, he was okay with 2013 car registration information (as that was the first paper I pulled from the glove compartment) but wanted the latest proof  of insurance.  He didn’t wait till I could locate it, instead that he will be right back.  He returned a few minutes later handed me the ticket and stated ” here’s your ticket for speeding and I have also added inability to show proof of insurance”,  and made me sign the wireless device.

I thought we are done and he was doing his job, he wouldn’t let me go and in his sarcastic/taunting voice stated that you stated you are not feeling well, should some be picking you up?  I told him I am okay, I can drive,  He continued with his jabs again, should you not be calling ambulance?  These jabs were very disturbing to the point that I had to curtly state  “Sir, you have already given me the ticket.  And you obviously can see that I am okay.  If there is nothing else, you need to let me go”.

The ticket does not have me as perturbed as my interaction with him.  This officer’s demeanor, lack of tact and professionalism, goading someone’s illness, etc. did not leave a good impression!  I am debating whether to file an official report with the OC Sherrif’s office.  Will keep you posted!


Waheguru Simran (click to listen)

I find the vibration of ‘Waheguru Simran’ (an ‘anhad naad’ vibration) allows my mind and body to go into an emptiness trance (or ‘sunn-samadhi’, which helps still the body and mind so that the senses can be controlled from drifting).  If you are anything like me, it is during my meditation that my mind wanders, remember things or chores, my dream or fears, etc., and never stills!  For these reasons, meditating by reciting ‘Waheguru‘ over and over again allows the mind to reach a state of a state of peace, self-realization and transcendence, where the soul becomes totally absorbed on to the Divine and eventually merges with the Infinite Consciousness!

Babaji Guru Nanak Ji, Sikh’s first guru, gave the ‘Waheguru’ jaap, so that thru surrender, we can grasp and contemplate God consciousness with wonder and reverence!  In 2nd Pauri in ‘Japji Sahib’, he tell ‘those who meditate on God’s name, get embued/ permeated with the name of the lord on their minds.  They alone serve the God, upon who’s forehead such pre-ordained destiny is written! They continually sing the glorious praises of the lord, and singing glories of the glorious god they get uplifted.’

The link above is a beautiful ‘Waheguru Simran’ rendition by Nirinjan Kaur.  Hearing her bring us this divine meditation and vibration in her open, beautiful and effortless ‘naad’ voice is truly a blessing.  Thank you Bhenji Nirinjan Kaur!