Happy Holi…

Today in India, Holi (the festival of colors) is being celebrated.  Although I am not there with my friends, I am reminiscing of all the good times I have had playing Holi.  I vividly remember putting colors on each other, throwing/bursting water balloons, using pichkaris (water guns) filled with colored water on suspecting and unsuspecting folks and yelling ‘Holi Hai’ was something I looked forward to all year.  Everything about it was magical to me!  We wore our oldest clothes (so that we could chuck them after the festivities), assembled in the gardens of the Air Force Mess, sang ‘fun’ songs with bad dholki, tried to drink beer and eat ‘bhang’ pakoras (which was strictly prohibited by my parents; with my mother appearing anytime we attempted to try it.  I swear she had 6th sense…lol!), made fun of all the intoxicated folks, etc.  I miss those good old days but live vicariously thru my friends 🙂

Happy Holi Folks and may this festival of color fill yours with immense joy and happiness

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