Reporting On My Ayurvedic Progress…

For the past few months, I have been faithfully taking a concoction of Ayurvedic medications (in addition to my treatments) from Dr. Kharatilal from Clovis. Although he is up in age, he has studied from one of the premier Ayurvedic colleges, when education was more pure, and where allopathic (western) medicine was also taught. So he is very verse with the drug interactions. So every month, I take a few hours trip from LA to Clovis (and stay with my cousin) so that he can assess the palor of my eyes and skin, and check my pulse, in order to know what meds he needs to tweak.

I would say although these trips have not been always convenient (as it takes a lot of time to travel to and fro), it has been really worthwhile. My energy & stamina are up and I can take a full day of work, my hair is starting to grow…woot! woot!, I feel balanced, etc. I am keeping up with my spiritual practices (although I may not be the most disciplined) but I have set myself a beautiful meditation corner where my dogs love to hang out too! I feel like I have made a lot of progress in not holding stress or taking any stressors to heart.

My oncologist is really amazed at my progress as well but I have a confession to make…..I haven’t shared fully my Ayurvedic treatment with him…. It’s not that I am keeping things from him or trying to jeopardize my treatment plan, rather, I learnt early-on that the doctor’s medical education does not entail teaching them any aspects of holistic medicine or they have knowledge of them. So as Ayurvedic medicine does not interfere in conventional medicine treatment, I am okay it being my little secret!

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