Castor Oil, Who Knew?

bowl being poured with yellow liquid
Photo by Pixabay on
On the advise of my eyebrow threader, I have been using castor oil on my brows for about a week. She swears that it helps the brows grow thicker including helping the sparse hair grow! So I am giving it a try and although its too soon to tell the difference, the positive that I found it is when I applied it to my entire eyelid (hoping to get longer lashes), my eyes no longer feel dry. They feel rested! Also when you do an internet search on the benefits to eyes, it amazing what you find, i.e., blepharitis cure, dry eye cure, relieves inflammation, etc. Now it makes sense why my ancestors put desi ghee in their eyes. That reminds me, I was going to make ‘eye kohl’ from desi ghee, which I will post another time.

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